Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome to Project 24 Marketing's Blog

We are so excited to welcome you to our brand new blog!  
Project 24 Marketing is an event based marketing firm in the Twin Cities.  We specialize in the retail development and brand awareness of our clients products.
We understand that TV commercials, print ads and other forms of indirect marketing have become a thing of the past.  IT'S TIME TO BREAK THROUGH THE CLUTTER!!
Our highly trained marketing experts have helped develop a system of finding out exactly what our clients need and matching that with what the consumer wants.  This is where we come in.
We help test, build and develop successful marketing campaigns for our clients ranging anywhere from gourmet foods, health and wellness, beauty, skin care and entertainment.  For the past three years we have had the pleasure of working with the two largest wholesalers in the country: Costco and Sam's Club.  Needless to say we have come through TEN FOLD for our clients in our pursuit to create brand exposure.  
Our goal for 2012 is to continue our expansion.  From our first year in San Diego, CA to Phoenix, AZ to Minneapolis, MN and our newest location Columbus, OH!
Put on your seatbelt folks and get ready for a JOY RIDE!!

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